New PAD Submit Worker Multilingual Full Version

PAD Submit Worker is the single best submission tool that can not only increase your sales by bringing a great many downloads, but also achieve good SEO by increasing search volume and improving website ranking. Now this submission tool is being used by tens of thousands of the Internet vendors to submit their PAD files. Did you still submit software to download sites by hand? Probably you are really out. PAD Submit Worker is a top submission tool to increase software downloads and boost sales. This newest submission tool can instantly submit the PAD files of software to every corner of more than 1000 high-quality directories, classified sites, and other targeted resources in less than 20 minutes. Do not waste time and money any more, act now.

Here are the Highlights PAD Submit Worker owns:  
  • Automatically submit your software to more than 1000 sites in less than 20 minutes. Nothing you should do, only to see the results. 
  • We will regularly update the database of download sites to ensure the number of download sites is larger and larger, and the rate of successful submission is higher and higher. 
  • Quickly select the software submission category according to keywords and intelligently re-submit software to the last unsuccessful download sites. 
  • You do not have to input the passwords time and again, Pad Submit Worker is able to automatically identify most CAPTCHA codes with the accuracy rate reaching as high as 95%.
  • Help you manage well the accounts and passwords for download sites if needed. 
  • Capable of displaying the completion report on each download site in details when it finishes the task.
  • Advanced submission mode for experienced users and have personalized settings by themselves. 
  • Generate the PAD files in the standard form and provide the FTP client program to facilitate the upload of the newest PAD files to your own server.
Download : From 4shared
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