Best Free VPN Account - Windows XP

demi Persahabatan follow the steps below, wkwkwk :
  • From Windows XP desktop, click Start - Control Panel to open the control panel window.
  • Click Network Connections icon to open the Network Connections window.
  • Click Next button for the first "New Connection Wizard" Welcome window.
  • Select "Connect to the network at my workspace" in "Network Connection Type" window, click Next button.
  • Select "Virtual Private Network connection" in "Network Connection" window, click Next button.
  • Enter "BestFreeVPN.COM" as the VPN connection name, click Next button.
  • Enter "" as the VPN Server hostname, click Next button.
  • Click "Finish" button, now the VPN login window shows up,use free in the User name field, and use the most up-to-date 6 digits password Free VPN Service with Password Updated Daily in the Password field, click "Connect" button to start your free Win XP VPN session..
  • Now you have connected to our most popular best Free VPN service from your Windows XP home or professional system, start your new web surfing experience now..
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  1. Emangnya VPN itu buat apa ya? Saya taunya VIP hehe..

  2. ko' gk dijelaskan apa itu VPN ya... :(

  3. cobai ah wwjwjwjjwkwkw VPN ane US semua T_T