Google Password Decryptor

Google Password Decryptor is a Password Recovery Tool which can be used to recover your lost Google account passwords using the Google software's installed in your computer. But it can used as a hacking tool as i say.
 Google Account hacking
This software's works on the simple Google accounts vulnerability that all the Google web products such as Gmail, blogger, Google docs etc uses the same username and passwords and hence when you get the username and password of one Google web product such as of let us take here Gmail then you can use all the other Google products such as Ad words, Ad sense etc and hence Hacking the victim.

Google Password Decryptor is a software's which decrypt in seconds all the usernames and passwords stored in the victims computer like if he uses Gtalk it will decode the password stored in the victims computer to reveal the username and passwords…
It Supports many Google software's such as -

Google Talk 
Google Picassa 
Google Desktop Seach 
Gmail Notifier 
Google Chrome

Steps To Use Google Password Decrypto:

1. After Downloading Extract the software in a folder.
2. Then Run “GooglePasswordDecryptor.exe” in the extracted folder.
3. When the software Loads click on “Start Recovery” Button.
4. Done !!

Note : You Can save this list to HTML format or TEXT format by clicking on ‘Export to HTML’ or ‘Export to TEXT’ button.

Screen Shots :

google hack

google hacked